Take A Look Inside Marlon Brando’s Private Island

French Polynesia is home to some of the best beaches in the world, and it is this very reason why legendary actor Marlon Brando decided to purchase his very own paradise here.

Called “The Brando,” the actor purchased this private island in 1967. In 2014, it re-opened as an exclusive resort.

The place is is usually frequented by A-listers and travelers seeking for the best hospitality service the world can offer. Marlon Brando partnered with hotelier Richard Bailey, and through their impressive collaboration, this extra-special, really exclusive eco-resort is born.

Even Herbret FREI, the president of PIKAIA LODGE, has nothing but high praise for the resort. “We have been fortunate enough in our lives to experience some of the best Hotels and Resorts in the world, but the Brando tops anything we have seen so far,” he said. “The Brando is not a 5 star Resort, it deserves to be considered a 7 star Resort! The Brando is leading a new era, where luxury hospitality and conservation go hand on hand. This is very rare to find in our industry.”

To get there, guests must first fly via a private airplane┬áto the resort, where the bird’s eye view of this whole paradise a delight to the eyes of every guest. The whole resort is made up of ultra-luxurious villas, split into two sides of the island-Turtle Beach and Mermaid Bay.

Although it’s common knowledge for some big-time Hollywood stars to frequent this place, sadly, you only have a slim chance of having an encounter with them, as privacy is paramount in the resort. All the villas are equipped with the best amenities in the world, complete with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean and a private beach access.

But even though the whole place is teeming with elegance and advancement in technology, it remains a sensitive eco-resort. Brando wants to preserve the beauty of the whole island, and with that in mind, he and partner Richard Bailey has devised a system in which all resort features-over the top they may be, must still be environmentally conscious.

By Sheobi Anne Ramos Courtesy Travelers Today

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