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Palm Springs group wants vacation rentals ban on ballot

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – The fight for vacation rentals in Palm Springs could be taking another turn just a month after a recent ordinance came into effect.

A new group going by the name of ‘Palm Springs Neighbors for Neighborhoods’ is seeking signatures to bring a possible ban of vacation rentals in single-family home neighborhoods by bringing a vote for residents to decide.

Another group that is for vacation rentals is vowing to fight this initiative and keep vacation rentals in the city.

“We’re the homeowners themselves, we are part of this community, we are a part of this business with the businesses in the city and we want to peacefully co-exist,” said Bruce Hoben, co-founder of Vacation Rental Homeowners and Neighbors of Palm Springs.

‘Palm Springs Neighbors for Neighborhoods’ needs about 2,500 signatures to bring the matter on the November ballot.

By Jesus Reyes Courtesy KESQ.com