A New Generation of Luxury Villas Debuts on Anguilla and St. Bart’s

For the past 10 years, Anguilla’s Kenroy Herbert has been managing and marketing a portfolio of elite rental villas on behalf of low-profile owners. Now he has launched his own company to offer a collection of truly outstanding high-style rental residences on Anguilla and the surrounding islands.

“My years of experience in hospitality and boutique rum distilling,” notes Herbert, “put me in direct contact with dozens of wealthy people whose lives are so global and fast-paced they barely have time to think about vacations, never mind sitting down and working out the details.”

That’s where his new company, Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel, comes in. His hand-picked team of rental specialists and lifestyle managers has the experience and know-how to plan once-in-a-lifetime vacations, even those extravaganzas that take the word ‘lifestyle’ to a whole new level. Between them, they have a total of almost half a century of experience pampering guests and figuring out how to make the fantasies of these discerning, hard-driving folks become reality.

Team Leviticus is made up of multi-cultural and multi-lingual planners, people who are passionate about what they do, who welcome the challenges of the unexpected.

How about a 8-bedroom residence with indoor Golf Simulator? No problem. All the guests have to do is choose their favorite courses, world-wide.

Or a beachside villa with mesmerizing views, complete with premium Tequila – on the house?

How about a change of pace? Maybe a chartered mega yacht equipped with a two-person submarine and a Turkish bath?

“Sure, anyone could surf the Internet and come up with answers,” says Herbert, “but it takes years of experience, hours of exacting research to match the right villa with the right guests, the perfect yacht with the perfect family. What sets us apart is Insider Knowledge”

That’s another plus for his team: over the years they’ve also built up networks of far-flung partners, trusted specialists who cover the entire field of travel and hospitality – charter yachting, private jets, weddings, seminars and multigenerational family trips.

Team Leviticus is eager – they come to the office expecting to work round-the-clock putting every last detail in place. They enjoy the challenges of the unexpected. They revel in finding solutions. “By Sunrise we are already in touch with clients and colleagues,” says Kenroy.

Above all, they’re passionate and unflinching when it comes to what their A-List guests crave most: total, serene and utterly impenetrable privacy.

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